The New Scottsburg Bridge Was Officially Opened By ODOT. Where Is It Made?

The new Scottsburg Bridge on Highway 38 in Scottsburg was dedicated on Thursday morning, marking the official opening of the final leg of a lifeline route between Interstate 5 and the southern Oregon coast. This event took place in Scottsburg.

According to a press statement from the Oregon Department of Transportation, the new bridge, which cost $43 million and was funded by House Bill 2017, also known as the Keep Moving Act, is larger and in a better alignment than the former one, which was constructed in 1929. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) claims that it has been upgraded to better resist earthquakes and remain open during times of natural disasters.

The Director of ODOT, Kris Strickler, stated that the newly constructed bridge “…represents a seismic lifeline between the coast and Interstate 5″ According to Strickler had to say, “We don’t know when an earthquake will come, but it takes leadership and forethought to get these measures funded and completed.”

Former state lawmaker Caddy McKeown, who was instrumental in the adoption of the legislation that ultimately led to the construction of the bridge, is quoted as saying, “It required everyone pulling on the same oar to make this happen.” “I want to thank the residents of Oregon who trusted their representatives to vote for this bill to get the Scottsburg Bridge completed and keep Oregon going,” McKeown said. “I want to express my gratitude to those citizens.”

New Scottsburg Bridge Was Officially Opened
New Scottsburg Bridge Was Officially Opened

According to the press release, the bridge had to be closed on multiple occasions in the past so that damage caused by lorries hitting the steel truss could be repaired. Because of an accident involving a truck in April of 2017, the building was out of commission for over five days.

Work on the replacement bridge was initially started in January 2020 by the primary contractor, Hamilton Construction of Springfield. In May of this year, all vehicular traffic was rerouted onto the newly constructed bridge. The removal of the old bridge took place in August.

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