ODFW Asks Opening-Weekend Hunters To Acquire Deer Or Elk Samples For Chronic Wasting Disease

Big game hunters who are successful in tagging a deer or elk early in the season are encouraged by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to visit a Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) check station on the opening weekend of any major rifle season in which they will be participating.

The staff of ODFW will be collecting samples from animals to test for this potentially fatal disease, which was recently found in Idaho close to Oregon’s northeast border.

Hunters may also ask their meat processor or taxidermist, or call their local office of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to make arrangements for district employees to obtain a sample.

Samples For Chronic Wasting Disease
Samples For Chronic Wasting Disease

According to House Bill 3152, which was approved by the Oregon Legislature in 2017, beginning this year, hunters who are moving deer, elk, or other wildlife parts would be forced to stop and have their animals sampled if they come across a CWD check station.

There is no requirement for a halt to be made for hunters or vehicles that are not hauling wildlife corpses or components. Although hunters are not required to make a special effort to stop at a check station, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife strongly recommends that any hunter who is carrying a deer or elk do so if they are in the vicinity of one.

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