New Medicaid Plan Announced By The Oregon Health Authority Aims To Address The Underlying Causes Of Poor Health

With the help of $1.1 billion in federal funding, Oregon will be the first state in the country to experiment with a new Medicaid strategy. This money will be used to address problems like homelessness, food poverty, and child health care.

These are some of the underlying factors that contribute to poor health, according to Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen in a press conference on Wednesday morning.

According to the terms of the agreement, Oregon will be the first state authorized to use federal Medicaid funds to pay for medically essential health-related services, such as housing costs or rental assistance.

Children’s health coverage will also be increased.

Allen stated, “Under this waiver, we will continue to provide Oregon Health Plan coverage for all Oregon children under the age of six.” Therefore, there will be fewer interruptions to health care and insurance during a child’s formative years.

Up until age 26, the system will also offer health insurance to young people with special needs.

By immediately covering air conditioners, air filters, and shelter for those on the Oregon Health Plan who are medically fragile, Oregon will make history as the first state to offer Medicaid assistance to those affected by the effects of high heat and wildfires.

New Medicaid Plan Announced By The Oregon Health Authority
New Medicaid Plan Announced By The Oregon Health Authority

The Gorge Grown Food Network’s executive director is Sarah Sullivan. By donating fresh produce, the group helps thousands of families. According to her, the expanded Medicaid programs will make healthcare much more accessible to everyone.

Lack of financing and challenging enrollment procedures are limiting the number of people the organization has been ready to help, according to Sullivan. “For that reason, this medical waiver to increase access to nourishing meals is extremely useful.”

According to Allen, the majority of these activities won’t begin until 2024 because the pandemic-related public health emergency is still ongoing. That indicates that enrollment is ongoing. These new initiatives will begin after the current public health emergency is over.

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