After The Governor’s Debate, Betsy Johnson And Planned Parenthood Argue Over Endorsement

The political wing of Planned Parenthood has voiced opposition to remarks made by challenger Betsy Johnson at a Tuesday night debate in Bend.

The discussion focused on whether Johnson, who is running as an independent, had been given the opportunity to compete for Planned Parenthood’s support.

Following the discussion, Johnson was strongly criticized by the Oregon Planned Parenthood PAC. Additionally, the group noted that she has a spotty record on the subject of reproductive rights.

Three candidates participated in the debate, which was moderated by Bend’s NBC affiliate KTVZ: Republican Christine Drazan, Democrat Tina Kotek,, and Johnson, a former Democrat who is now running as an independent.

Questions were asked about a range of topics, including the efficacy of public schools and gun control.

Additionally, they discussed homelessness, and each contender had a lot to say.

“We must increase the availability of mental and behavioral health services, and we have lately made a significant effort to find shelter space. But in doing so, you also have to hold individuals accountable,” Drazan said.

There is a mental health crisis, Johnson stated. “We need to deploy individuals who are educated to assist those who are suffering from a mental health crisis, and at some point, we’re going to have to accept that mentally sick and drug-dependent people do not make appropriate personal choices for themselves.”

“I think cities should regulate where people may live outside for health and safety reasons, and you know what, nobody should be living outside in Oregon. We must take greater action because it is inhumane, Kotek added.

Regarding abortion rights, Drazan declared that while she is staunchly opposed to abortion and wants reform, she will still abide by state law, even if she disagrees with it.

According to Drazan, Oregon has some of the most stringent abortion regulations in the country.

Kotek responded as the candidate supported by the political advocacy of Planned Parenthood Oregon.

“I don’t think our laws are as strict as Rep. Drazan claims. They seem to be consistent with the values of Oregon, in my opinion.

Johnson claimed to be “unapologetically pro-choice,” but she was denied the opportunity to apply for the Planned Parenthood endorsement.

Betsy Johnson And Planned Parenthood Argue Over Endorsement
Betsy Johnson And Planned Parenthood Argue Over Endorsement

“I was not permitted to produce my Planned Parenthood credentials. The Democrat party now owns Planned Parenthood in its entirety. We were not required to complete a form or provide identification.

Planned Parenthood reacted angrily to that.

“Last night, Betsy Johnson effectively lied to the voters. “As a seasoned politician like Betsy Johnson should know there is one endorsement process for governor,” said communications director Jimmy Radosta. “She was invited to participate in Planned Parenthood Oregon’s PAC endorsement process nine months ago and she refused that call.”

She wasn’t a candidate nine months ago, during the primary contest, according to Johnson.

“Once she became a candidate, they neglected to get in touch with our campaign regarding an endorsement procedure for the general election.

The Johnson team stated, “They are distorting their methodology, which was neither thorough nor rigorous and did not include all candidates who support reproductive rights.

Even if Johnson had applied, Planned Parenthood Oregon PAC stated there are various reasons not to support her, including several votes against topics pertaining to abortion rights and support from someone they referred to as an “anti-abortion radical.”

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