Oregon Quietly Considers Sheltering Migrants While Avoiding Texas And Florida’s Spotlight

A proposal to house and care for illegal immigrants is under covert consideration by the Oregon Department of Human Services. They should be treated as “welcome guests,” according to one leader.

According to a staff member who spoke exclusively to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH under the condition of anonymity, Regional Emergency Coordinator Jeff Gilbert unveiled the program in a meeting with the Office of Resiliency Emergency Management (OREM) workers on September 23.

For migrants awaiting asylum proceedings, it would offer shelter and case management of some kind. Additionally, it might “exist in perpetuity.”

However, there are worries that border governors may interpret it as a request to bring migrant planes to the state.


In an audio clip provided by a concerned staff member to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, Gilbert is heard saying, “Today, it is being shared with the governor’s office to see… if our governor wishes to endorse a plan moving forward to provide mass care for these [inaudible] and coordinate with other state agencies to welcome these families to Oregon for permanent settlement.”

The man identified as Gilbert remarked in the audio clip that several program details still needed to be worked out. For instance, they are aware that OREM is understaffed to deal with a wave of migrants. According to him, “there are numerous families from Ukraine that are already here in Oregon, and we are aware of at least 250 families who have traveled here in the previous two weeks.”

Oregon Quietly Considers Sheltering Migrants
Oregon Quietly Considers Sheltering Migrants

As a result, they will require significant resources to complete this “goal.”

Therefore, it’s possible that this list will be very long. And as a result, money would be allocated to carry out this initiative. And a lot of personnel, as our crew isn’t equipped to handle this, he cautioned in the audio clip.

The warning wasn’t the only one.

Don’t let Texas and Florida know

According to the audio clip, Gilbert admits that migrants have invaded border states since the Biden administration repealed Title 42. The Trump administration’s policy allows for the expulsion of immigrants arriving from nations with active infectious disease, in this case, COVID.

According to the audio tape, he says that “some of the governors of border states have taken it into their discretion to physically move people via bus and possibly most recently by plane to other states.” “And that’s being perceived as very much like political retaliation. Right?

And you may have heard some of the national banter about disputes between governors and mayors; regrettably, it portrays the people who are arriving as if they were pawns, right, as if they were not people to be treated, right, but are simply being moved as if they were objects. And that sparked a great deal of national discussion.

There is also worry that should Oregon’s efforts be successful, there would be a wave of immigration.

Additionally, until everything has been thoroughly examined, we won’t be, so to speak, yelling from the rooftops. Because drawing a lot of attention to a potential mission is the last thing we want to do. And then, as you might imagine, have that reported by the media, spread, and perhaps get the attention of some governors of border states who say, “Hey, Oregon wants a bunch of people.” Bus them, then. Right. We don’t want to do that, though. To easily take people into reasonable pieces, we’d like to start a dialogue.

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