All Native American Students At Oregon Tech Pay In-state Tuition

The majority of Oregon’s public colleges and universities began the autumn semester on Monday, and the Oregon Institute of Technology released a statement in support of Native American students nationwide.

All enrolled members of federally recognized Native American tribes will now be eligible for in-state tuition at the institution, regardless of where they reside, according to an OIT announcement. Following Portland State University, Oregon State University, Southern Oregon University, and Western Oregon University in making this decision, Oregon Tech has now followed suit.

Depending on the number of credits they are taking and their major, out-of-state Native American students who are eligible for in-state tuition rates could save up to $10,000 every term.

OIT President Nagi Naganathan stated in a statement on Monday that “Tribal culture and legacy and from the tribal grounds on which our campuses lie have been furthered by Oregon Tech.” We are proud to make Oregon Tech more accessible to out-of-state tribal students who are registered members of federally recognized Native American tribes because “we are gratified that many Native American students call Oregon Tech their educational home.”

During the summer, after most of the application and enrolling deadlines had passed, the other four universities in Oregon that also announced in-state tuition rates for Native American students did so. Because of this, it’s unclear how the new regulations may affect the enrolment of Native American students from other states. However, several universities claim that the program is gaining interest.

All Native American Students At Oregon
All Native American Students At Oregon

Paula Baldwin, interim marketing director at Western Oregon University, told OPB, “We are happy to convey that there is already interest in our [Native American Tuition program], particularly in light of how recently we made the news.”

Eight prospective students, four from Oregon and four from outside the state, have indicated they are members of federally recognized tribes, according to Baldwin.

We are still very early in the recruitment process for the fall of 2023, but we anticipate a rise in both of those figures, according to Baldwin.

The bulk of students had already made their college decisions long before Portland State’s new policy was publicized, thus the institution claims there hasn’t been a “significant rise” in queries this autumn. However, the university asserts that the actual measurement will be next fall.

Southern Oregon University, contacted roughly 70 current students who identify as Native Americans to inform them about the in-state rates and determine whether they were eligible. There are now three new students enrolled at the institution who are eligible for in-state tuition, and the school reports that there are a few more incoming qualifying students who may enroll.

Separate from the state’s new Oregon Tribal Student Grant program are these specific announcements. Oregon residents who belong to one of the nine federally recognized tribes in the state are covered by that state-wide program for living and tuition expenses.

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