Wildfire Acres Burned In Oregon Decrease By 63% In 2022

As the Oregon wildfire season of 2022 draws to a close, it is reasonable to argue that this season has been distinctly different from previous ones.

The Northwest Interagency Coordination Center tweeted on Sunday night, “While difficult-to-control big wildfire activity has been present every year for the past 20 years, this year has been different for the PNW.” “Fires have burned a total of 549,093 acres so far this year. This represents a 63 percent decrease from the 1,503,027 acres in 2021.

That’s true, Oregon saw a 63% decrease in acres burned over the previous year. ( Wildfire season typically lasts in Oregon from mid-May until mid-September.

However, there are now a lot of wildfires burning in Oregon. They’re just smaller and more tightly confined (for the most part).

Wildfire Acres Burned In Oregon Decrease
Wildfire Acres Burned In Oregon Decrease

These were the major flames that were still raging in Oregon as of Sunday night, according to the Incident Information Center:

  • 81% of the 157,705-acre Double Creek Fire is contained.
  • A 114,104-acre fire in Cedar Creek is 20% suppressed.
  • 90% containment for the 21,347-acre Rum Creek Fire
  • Goat Mountain Fire: 20, 192, unknown containment
  • Nebo Fire: 12,600 acres, no information on containment

The Double Creek Fire, the largest in the state, was started on August 22 by a lightning strike. 518 people are deployed to combat the fire, according to officials, who claim it has expanded by 6 acres in the previous day.

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