Funding For Hospitals And Communities Is Approved By The Oregon Emergency Board

The Joint Legislative Emergency Board granted cash on Friday to address a variety of statewide concerns, including the lack of hospital beds, food insecurity, natural catastrophes, and other problems affecting communities across Oregon.

Your Emergency Board Works Hard, Senate President Peter Courtney said. The steps we made today will assist our communities with some of their most pressing needs, according to Courtney. More beds will be available for hospitals. We’ll distribute meals to fight hunger around the state.

According to Courtney, the assistance will assist communities with their wells and their recovery from natural calamities. The legislature would support Oregon and her citizens, he declared.

The Emergency Board must serve every region of the state, according to House Speaker Dan Rayfield. “We have done that today,” said Rayfield, “by approving help for healthcare personnel who continue to serve patients in emergency situations, rural communities that have been ravaged by natural disasters, Oregonians who are facing food and housing insecurity, and much more.”

According to a joint statement from the two leaders, the Emergency Board approved $35.4 million in funding to address the lack of beds in hospitals and long-term care facilities in response to the ongoing health care capacity issue.

Funding For Hospitals And Communities Is Approved
Funding For Hospitals And Communities Is Approved

This includes $21.8 million for agreements with nurse staffing organizations to help hospitals and long-term care facilities with their short-term staffing requirements. A number of other programs also received funding.

Moreover, the Emergency Board authorized:

*$5 million will be used to purchase food from the Oregon Food Bank.

*$5 million will be used to remedy Klamath County’s dry community and household wells.

Other awards will aid with riverbank stability, storm damage repair, addressing water quality issues, and other things.

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