40 People Were Injured Or Sick In The Cedar Creek Fire In Oregon, According To Official

Officials said that at least 40 people have reported ailments or illnesses that they believe are due to the Cedar Creek fire in Oregon. The fire has been going strong for about two months now.

According to an email sent to CNN by a public information officer with the Cedar Creek Fire, Don Ferguson, all of the injuries that have been reported thus far do not appear to be life-threatening.
The fire was started by lightning on August 1 and has now spread across 114,104 acres, with only 20% of it being contained.

According to Ferguson, “there have been no structures torched and there have been no casualties.”
According to Ferguson, the blaze “had expanded by just a relatively tiny proportion” during the course of the previous week. There was just enough rain to temporarily stifle the growth of the fire, which in turn made it possible to make headway on the indirect containment plan.

According to Ferguson, authorities are starting to withdraw resources from the process of fighting the fire and are reopening areas that had been closed off to the public. It is currently unknown exactly when certain public places will once again be accessible to the general public.

40 People Were Injured Or Sick In The Cedar Creek Fire
40 People Were Injured Or Sick In The Cedar Creek Fire

The fire started close to the city of Oakridge, which is located within a forty-five-minute drive from Eugene. According to a post that was made on Facebook on Sunday by authorities with the Cedar Creek Fire Department, there are about 2,000 people attempting to put out the fire. There are a total of 44 fire engines, 28 hand crews, and 9 aircraft involved in the endeavor.

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