Oregon Is Suffering From A Lack Of High School Football Officials

The revered Friday night lights now shine on football fields for high schools throughout Oregon and beyond most nights of the week. The cause is a lack of football referees.

According to the Portland Football Officials Association (PFOA), there were approximately 190 officials in their rotation before the epidemic, but there are now just 150.

Schools are switching at least one of their games away from Friday night to make up for the shortage.

In his 21st season as a high school game official, Rob Fuller remarked, “We’re out there trying our best to keep people safe, to keep the game pleasant with good sportsmanship, and to keep it fair.” No one desires that more than we do.

Oregon Is Suffering From A Lack Of High School
Oregon Is Suffering From A Lack Of High School

Fuller hopes that others may think about becoming a high school football official as the chairman of the PFOA’s recruiting and retention committee.

They provide a six-week course each July that places new officials on the field by September. Between $45 to $65 is what officials make per game.

You need to love football beyond all else, added Fuller. Additionally, we require a person with integrity who is prepared to risk it in order to make decisions that they know won’t be well received by everyone.

As people reduced their schedules or just did not return when sports resumed after the pandemic, the number of officials fell dramatically.

Officials in charge of school activities claimed that there was another factorβ€”verbal abuse, harassment, and other improper conduct by some coaches, parents, and supportersβ€”that was responsible for the gradual drop even before the epidemic.

The Oregon School and Activities Association described it as a trend that has to be reversed this month. They cited a study from around the country that revealed the main cause of high school sports officials’ resignations was abusive behavior.

Fuller remarked, “We come out here and give it our greatest best to strive to be perfect. No one wants it more than we do to do it right, and I would love for everyone to know that.

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