Mahsa Amini Cause Of Death: Why Are There Protests In Iran?

Widespread protests have broken out across Iran as a result of the murder of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, who died after being arrested by the country’s morality police. The cause of Amini’s death is disputed; although the authorities claim that she suffered a heart attack, her family claims that she was mistreated while in custody.

Amini was detained for failing to wear her hijab properly, a crime in Iran. Videos of a demonstration held after Amini’s funeral in her hometown of Saqez went viral, showing women holding their headscarves in protest while yelling anti-government chants.

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Mahsa Amini Cause Of Death

As per reports, Amini, also known as Jina, was traveling from Saqez in the western Kurdistan province to Tehran, the capital of Iran. She was arrested for allegedly disobeying the country’s dress code for women while visiting the capital city with her brother to meet the family.

Units of Iran’s moral police are in place to carry out rules pertaining to dress codes across the nation.

While Amini was not specifically given a reason for the imprisonment, many outlets have suggested that it was because of her clothing. However, Amini’s mother stated in an interview with an Iranian media outlet that her daughter wore appropriate clothing.

She was then sent to a correctional facility where she was questioned in front of her brother. According to local media accounts, an ambulance was called shortly after Amini’s brother reported hearing “screaming noises” from within.

After being brought to the hospital, Amini fell into a coma. Social media users shared videos and images of Amini asleep on a hospital bed with tubes in her mouth, blood oozing from her ears, and bruises surrounding her eyes.

While getting “educational instruction” on hijab regulations, Amini suddenly fainted and experienced a heart attack, according to a statement from Iran’s security forces. Amini’s family has still emphasized that she was in excellent health prior to her imprisonment.

A video purportedly edited by Iran’s security services has also been made public. In it, a woman in a robe, identified as Amini by the police, is speaking to another woman at a detention facility when she abruptly grips her head and falls. The film then cuts to the arrival of medical personnel.

Amini’s family has not yet confirmed that the woman in the video is actually Amini.

What’s Happening With The Protests In Iran?

Many people have spoken out against arresting and harassing women because of clothing regulations and dress laws since Amini’s passing. The protests have been sparked in large part by the Iranian security forces’ refusal to accept responsibility for the incident.

Mahsa Amini Cause Of Death
Mahsa Amini Cause Of Death

Hengaw, a Kurdish human rights organization, reports that at least 38 people have been hurt during the protests thus far. Amini was brought by the authorities to Kasra hospital after collapsing when the protests first started in Tehran. The demonstrations later moved to Saqez, Amini’s hometown outside of Tehran.

Although the police made an effort to limit attendance during her funeral, thousands of people were gathered at the gravesite. Following Amini’s funeral, protesters gathered in front of Saqez Governor’s office as well, and The Guardian claimed that the demonstrations quickly turned violent.

Kurdish human rights organizations claim that police at the demonstration location pepper sprayed and used tear gas on the demonstrators. In several popular videos, you can even hear gunshots. Women protesters were seen taking off their hijabs in viral videos to show their support for Amini.

Over 100 students from Tehran University’s Faculty of Fine Arts participated in peaceful demonstrations and risked penalties by carrying signs that read “women, life, freedom.” As a form of protest against the government and the passing of Amini, several women also cut off their hair on social media.

What Are The Hijab Laws In Iran?

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, women in Iran have been required to wear headscarves, and the morality police are tasked with upholding this and other regulations.

Iranian women are fully able to pursue their education, occupy public office, and work outside the home. However, they are compelled to dress modestly in public, which includes donning long, baggy robes and the hijab.

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