Digging On Oregon Beaches Will Be Postponed Due To Razor Clam Toxins

The reopening of Oregon’s most popular beds in Clatsop County on October 1 will be delayed as a result of increasing domoic acid levels in razor clams, and the digging that was supposed to take place this week on southwest Washington beaches will not take place.

The closure in Oregon includes the area between the Washington state line in the south and Cascade Head, which is located north of Lincoln City.

Both states are extremely cautious about potentially harmful contaminants, and in the past, they have blocked beaches for extended periods of time, in some cases for several months.

Digging On Oregon Beaches Will Be Postponed
Digging On Oregon Beaches Will Be Postponed

The results of tests conducted in Oregon this week exceeded the maximum permissible quantity of the acid, which led to the issuance of the closure notice. In Washington, testing is conducted in a manner quite similar to that described above; however, the state’s delay was caused by a spike that, although not quite reaching the limit threshold for human ingestion, was very near to doing so.

The following round of tests will take place in Oregon the following week. Before digging can begin, there must be two successful safety checks in a row.

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