According To His Lawyer, An Oregon Rape Victim Was Imprisoned Until He Testified Against The Rapist

In a rare case of prosecutors compelling a victim to appear in court, an Oregon lady was detained in jail until she testified against her rapist, according to her attorney, who spoke with the media on Friday. The rapist was found guilty of his crime last week.

It was admitted by her attorney, Donald Scales, that there were “real concerns” over the possibility that his client would turn up to testify.

A bail of $500,000 was set for the woman, who is now 20 years old, and she was detained for nine days beginning on September 6. Scales described the amount as being “unattainable.”

Scales reported that the assailant, identified as Christian Sanchez, 30, was found guilty of various charges by a jury on September 16, one day after the victim testified against Sanchez in a court in Jackson County.

According to a statement released by the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office, Sanchez was found guilty of rape, sodomy, kidnapping, assault, coercion, unlawful use of a weapon, and other crimes that occurred over a period of seven months in 2020, when the victim was 18 years old. The crimes included unlawful use of a weapon.

On October 6th, Sanchez will be given his punishment. A judge issued an order that required him to remain in jail without the possibility of bail until he was sentenced.

An Oregon Rape Victim Was Imprisoned
An Oregon Rape Victim Was Imprisoned

According to court documents cited by the Associated Press, the victim was allegedly kept against her will as Sanchez employed weapons that included a hammer, a lighter, and a screwdriver. This information was obtained from the victim.

The prosecutor, Nick Geil, was quoted in the Medford Mail Tribune as saying, “It was an awful circumstance.”

According to Scales, the prosecutors petitioned a judge that she be incarcerated as a “material witness” under a state provision that allows police or defendants to compel testimony from those who are unlikely to appear in court. Scales stated that the judge granted the prosecutor’s request.

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