Along Oregon Roadways, 11 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Will Be Installed

Because of increasing money from the federal government, the state is expanding its infrastructure to facilitate more environmentally friendly forms of travel.

Beginning in 2023, the Oregon Department of Transportation is planning to install 11 new charging stations for electric vehicles at various locations along Interstates 5 and 205, as well as on US Highway 97. These stations will be located in different parts of the state.

Each charging station, according to ODOT, will include four DC fast chargers. Officials have stated that they do not yet know the precise sites, but new stations will be placed within one mile of an exit and at least 50 miles away from one another.

11 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Will Be Installed
11 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Will Be Installed

According to ODOT, they anticipate having more than one hundred million dollars available over the next five years to invest in new charging stations. This funding will come from a combination of federal and non-federal sources.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will allow a total of $65 million for the project, of which $9.6 million will be invested during the fiscal year 2022-2023. This will be the first phase of federal money for the project and will come from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. On the website of ODOT, you may get additional information regarding the financing available for electric car infrastructure.

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