Dog In Oregon’s Shelter “Loves People And Attention” And Is Looking For His Forever Home

There are a great number of animals all around the country that are in search of warm and caring homes that they can call their very own. Even if it doesn’t harm those who own pets to look in their immediate area, social media may also be a useful tool in the process of finding a compatible companion. Exactly, for this reason, @therainabaina creates movies showcasing the adoptable pets at Heartland Humane Society, where she helps.

This particular movie focuses on Winston, a lovable and friendly Shar-Pei who is looking for a family to call his own for the rest of his life. Even though he suffers from episodes of recurrent Shar-Pei fever syndrome on a regular basis, he is nevertheless the happiest puppy we have ever seen.

What a model of behavior! We can’t help but fall in love with Winston’s bouncy, contagious spirit, but his cute face certainly doesn’t hurt either. Despite the challenges he faces with his health, viewer @angryminion couldn’t help but observe that “he’s so joyful,” which is all the more remarkable to consider.

@mariediefenderfer is in agreement and tweets, “Oh my God, what a cute dog.”

Dog In Oregon's Shelter "Loves People And Attention"
Dog In Oregon’s Shelter “Loves People And Attention”


We have no doubt that he will be reunited with his loved ones. “[He] seems so joyful hope he finds a forever home.” Because of the generosity of the viewers who have shared and promoted this piece, many more, people will see it.

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