The New Bridge Over The Willamette River By Green Acres Road Is Now In The Design Process Thanks To Odot

The Willamette River Bridge project being undertaken by the Oregon Department of Transportation has officially moved into the design phase.

At the beginning of this year, the organizers struggled to raise enough money to get the project off the ground. They are still trying to find enough money to start building, but they now have enough to move forward with the design phase of the project.

This plan, as stated by Vidal Francis, who serves as the Area Manager for Lane County for ODOT, is broken up into many sections. A bridge leading from Green Acres Road will be constructed as part of one of the first two phases of the project. This bridge will run in parallel with the existing Beltline bridge, which also crosses the Willamette River.

However, prior to that, the Beltline bridge will undergo some much-required maintenance work as well as some enhancements. Francis asserted that they must focus their attention on that bridge in order to make the roadway more secure for the tens of thousands of motorists that use it on a daily basis.

The New Bridge Over The Willamette River
The New Bridge Over The Willamette River

“The operational side of it is immense, and the safety aspect of it is huge as well. According to him, our maintenance staff is currently “out there doing what they can in terms of conducting repairs and other similar things.” “That road was constructed in the 1960s, and for today’s capacity, it’s just not nearly there,” the driver said.

Francis stated that it will most likely be several years before either of the bridge projects is finished.

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