Oregon Is Celebrating Peace Trees With A Festival. Are You Going To Participate?

On September 21, the state of Oregon will celebrate the successful completion of a very special tree-planting initiative that has been ongoing for the past four years.

The seeds of trees that were not destroyed by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in the latter days of World War II were used to cultivate the seedlings that became the saplings. Officials report that during the course of a period of four years, 45 organizations that collaborated with the Oregon Department of Forestry to plant trees did so in a total of 35 different communities around the state of Oregon.

Three of these “peace trees” have been planted in the city of Corvallis, three more have been placed in Roseburg, one has been planted in Coos Bay, and the remaining three are dispersed around the county of Lane.

Oregon Is Celebrating Peace Trees
Oregon Is Celebrating Peace Trees

On the occasion of the anniversary of the International Day of Peace, the ODF will be organizing a celebration to commemorate the planting of trees at the event. The ceremony will be attended by officials and representatives from the groups that were responsible for planting the trees, as well as representatives from Japanese-American organizations.

Outside of Japan, the state of Oregon is home to one of the largest number of Hiroshima peace trees in the United States.

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