A Couple From Oregon Makes Classy 1980s-themed Tiktok Films With Gerbils: “Encouraging And Optimistic”

A couple from Oregon is making upbeat, 80s-themed videos with their gerbils.

The Bryant siblings, Kyle and Marylou, made a TikTok program starring a gerbil named Bella who is obsessed with the 1980s.

The couple explained that they were inspired by their children’s stories of going to Blockbuster to rent family movies in the 1980s.

Both Ginger and Charlotte the gerbils perform the role of Bella.

After some tweaking, the concept became a TikTok account with about 13,000 followers and a pilot episode that debuted on Sunday.

In the videos, “Blockbuster Bella” can be seen renting “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” from a miniature Blockbuster and logging into AOL over a dial-up connection.

The videos also feature a boom box and a record player, as well as a cardboard cutout of Michael J. Fox from “Back to the Future.”

To enhance the authenticity of his TikTok videos, Kyle built an extensive miniature set. Using his background in film production, he constructed the Blockbuster store in around 80 hours. It took about 40 hours to construct Bella’s home, whereas Marylou spent only 15 hours on scripting.

A Couple From Oregon Makes Classy 1980s-themed Tiktok
A Couple From Oregon Makes Classy 1980s-themed Tiktok

Ginger and Charlotte, two pet gerbils, perform the role of Bella. The rats and mice only stay on set for a maximum of ten minutes at a time.

Kyle lets the gerbils act however they want to. An avid ’80s fan gerbil In this scene, Bella connects to AOL over a dial-up modem.

“I shoot what she does for the most part, and then I’ll run that through some cinematic magic, some creative editing, to make it so that it matches the storyline,” Kyle said.

We think there’s a group of people that would appreciate this,” Kyle added. That’s “hoping for a good show.”

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