Rum Creek Fire Update In Oregon To 2022-09-19

In an effort to minimize further effects on the forest and nearby watersheds, crews are still concentrating on repair work for suppressions along dozer and hand lines. To stop further erosion, vegetation has been planted over the lines and water bars have been built.

Although all evacuation orders have been lifted, several recreational areas and roads are still closed as crews work to repair damaged roads and remove hazardous trees from the burn area. On Wednesday, August 17, 2022, lightning started the Rum Creek Fire.

On Sunday, August 21, a Type 2 incident command team, Northwest Incident Management Team 13 (NWIMT 13), was instructed to assume control as the fire’s complexity and magnitude grew. In addition, they assumed control of the Hog Creek Fire.

On August 26, winds and hot, dry weather contributed to a major uptick in fire activity and fire spread. The towns of Rand and Galice were under threat as the fire spread. A unified command was established by NWIMT 13, OSFM, and ODF after teams from the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office (OSFM) and the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) arrived. Resources from OSFM were mostly used for evacuation and structure protection.

Kate Brown, the governor of Oregon, issued the proclamation the following day.

Rum Creek Fire Update In Oregon
Rum Creek Fire Update In Oregon

On September 6, the Oregon Department of Forestry Team 1 and the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 6 (NRIMT6) merged leadership (ODF Team 1).

Up until September 12, when tropical storm Kay’s remnants delivered cooler temperatures, greater relative humidity, and rain showers, critical fire weather conditions persisted.

On September 16, all Rum Creek Fire evacuation orders have been revoked. In order to lessen the likelihood of erosion and debris flows before the winter season, firefighters started concentrating on suppression repair.

Sadly, one firefighter perished during the Rum Creek Fire’s early assault. Logan Taylor, a firefighter from Talent, Oregon, age 25, was injured by a falling tree on August 18. He was the owner of the ODF-contracted firefighting firm Sasquatch Reforestation.

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