In Oregon, There Are More Than 1000 Housing Units Being Built For Persons Who Are Permanently Homeless

By 2023, Oregon Housing and Community Services expect to have built at least 1,000 permanent supportive housing units statewide, surpassing its 2019 target.

The aim reflected a change in goals for the organization’s five-year housing plan, which was published in 2019, according to Andrea Bell, director of OHSC. Historically, the agency has concentrated on providing low-cost, affordable housing that is based on a percentage of the median income.

However, the agency’s objective was broadened in 2019 to include Permanent Supportive Housing, which is intended for people who are chronically homeless. There is no set rent for these flats; instead, the state provides subsidies for the remaining 30% of the rent, which is 30% of resident income. The apartments also provide on-site supportive services including caseworkers.

As of now, the agency has funded more than 1,255 apartments. “We made an unambiguous commitment to raise the number of permanent supportive homes in the state of Oregon by 1,000 (units) by 2023,” Bell said. “When everyone is taken care of, we perform at our best. When people’s fundamental needs are being satisfied, we work best.”

1000 Housing Units Being Built For Persons
1000 Housing Units Being Built For Persons

Approximately 1,000 of the already funded units are in various stages of development, while fewer than 250 have been built, according to a status report the agency gave KATU. Multnomah County is the intended location of many of the ongoing projects, although Lane County is the location of most completed projects.

Where the majority of supportive housing units are being constructed in Oregon as shown by the Data Wrapper Pie Chart.

These initiatives are a top priority for Lane County, according to Wakan Alferez, the county’s director of supportive housing.

Permanent supportive housing is “a key piece in the puzzle when we look about just the increasing rate of unhoused persons in the community, and we think about how we are going to address it,” she added.

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