Mom In Oregon Submits Petition To State Board Demanding The Removal Of Tampons From Boys’ Bathrooms

A state rule requiring schools to offer free tampons in all restrooms, including men’s, is being challenged by an Oregon mom.

The Menstrual Dignity Act, which was enacted by the Oregon legislature in August 2021, mandated that schools gradually increase the number of tampons available to pupils. By the conclusion of the 2021โ€“2022 academic year, schools were expected to offer free tampons in any two toilets of their choosing; however, by 2023, all bathrooms, regardless of gender, had to offer the goods.

Cherylene Stritenberg, a mother and board member for the Eagle Point School District, asked the Oregon Department of Education to repeal the law on the grounds that it wastes money meant for schools.

Republican and Democratic support for the legislation was almost universal, and it was approved by the state legislature.

Democratic state representative Ricki Ruiz from Oregon stated of the bill, “As we know, there’s a lot of our youngsters that don’t identify as female or male or are shifting genders.” “We wanted to respect that and make sure we have these resources available in all facilities for people who might be having a hard time switching to a different facility,” said the spokesperson.

Out of its $9.3 billion education budget, the state will spend about $5.6 million on the measure.

Mom In Oregon Submits Petition To State Board
Mom In Oregon Submits Petition To State Board

According to OL, Stritenberg’s petition claims that the state’s mandate to provide tampons exclusively in boy’s facilities is a “misuse” of resources and should be repealed.

The petition is part of broader parental opposition to Democratic efforts to impose transgender policies on the American educational system.

President Joe Biden’s administration has also been charged by the conservative parent advocacy group Fight for Schools withholding federal school lunch monies “hostage” in order to pressure schools to implement gender identity rules.

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