Gov. Kate Brown Has Announced A Vacancy For The Office Of District Attorney In Klamath County

District Attorney Eve Costello announced the termination on October 31, 2022. Then Governor Kate Brown announced today that she is accepting applicants to fill vacancies. After expressing gratitude to outgoing District Attorney Costello, Governor Brown stated his intention to appoint a new one in accordance with Article V, Section 16 of the Oregon Constitution and Oregon Revised Statute 8.640.

All completed applications must be submitted to Shevaun Gutridge at and addressed to Dustin Buehler, General Counsel, Office of the Governor. All paperwork must be postmarked no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

To that end, the Governor’s Office encourages applications from people from all walks of life. Interested parties should fill out an Expression of Interest in Serving as District Attorney and submit it to the Governor’s Office. It’s important to distinguish between the District Attorney Interest Form and the Judicial Vacancy Interest Form. The Declaration of District Attorney Interest can be seen on the web.

A person can only be appointed to a position in Oregon’s highest court if they are currently licensed to practice law in Oregon and have been accepted for admission to the Supreme Court (ORS 8.630 and ORS 8.640).

Last week, Eve Costello sent out a letter to the people of Klamath County announcing her resignation.

Gov. Kate Brown Has Announced A Vacancy
Gov. Kate Brown Has Announced A Vacancy

It reads as follows: “Dear Residents of Klamath County:

My decision to resign as District Attorney of Klamath County is not one I make lightly. It’s for the best of my health that I do so. The necessity is something my husband supports wholeheartedly. We all hope for long, healthy life in the fall.

Serving the people of Klamath County has been a pleasure, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know people from all walks of life. Until my successor is found, I am confident in the ability of the Department of Justice to support the functioning of our criminal justice system.

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