Volunteers Save A Wounded Hiker During Training Exercises, According To The Oregon Sheriff

A climber hurt in a 50-foot fall at Smith Rock State Park had a lucky break when rescue teams that were in the area for training helped him, according to Oregon officials. According to a press release from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, a climber collapsed while scaling up a rock outcropping to put up a slackline at Asterick’s Pass and called 911 at around 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 17.

According to a press release, members of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Mountain Rescue Team trained on Saturday with several other rescue teams in a state park close to Terrebonne in central Oregon. According to sheriff’s officials, nine rescuers discovered that the man’s injuries prohibited him from descending the river route from where he had fallen. According to the announcement, they safely lowered the guy 650 feet in a short time.

Volunteers Save A Wounded Hiker During Training Exercises
Volunteers Save A Wounded Hiker During Training Exercises

During the training session, the other rescue teams contributed as well. Get unrestricted online access Get a 2-month subscription today for only $2. SUMMARY OFFER The wounded climber was transported by paramedics to a hospital to be examined. On his health, no information was made public.

According to Slackline.us, slacklining is “stretching and tensioning a 1″โ€“2″ wide length of nylon/polyester webbing between two anchor points” to balance on, like tightrope walking. The Hood River Crag Rats, Eugene Mountain Rescue, Corvallis Mountain Rescue, and Redmond Fire rescuers were commended by sheriff’s authorities for their assistance.

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