In November, Oregon Voters Will Choose A New Congressman For The 4th Congressional District

In the General Election that will be held in 2022, the state of Oregon will have three vacant seats in the House of Representatives, and none of the districts will have an incumbent running for election.

Peter DeFazio, a Democrat who has represented Oregon’s 4th Congressional District for many years, has announced his intention to step down at the conclusion of his current term.

Alek Skarlatos, a candidate for the Republican party, and Val Hoyle, a candidate for the Democratic party, are both running to replace him.

Oregon Voters Will Choose A New Congressman
Oregon Voters Will Choose A New Congressman

Skarlatos is a former member of the National Guard and was one of four individuals who successfully prevented a terrorist assault on a train headed for Paris. In the most recent election, he was defeated by DeFazio.

In addition to his present role as labor commissioner for the state of Oregon, Hoyle served as the House majority leader in the Oregon Legislature for many years.

During the episode of “Your Voice, Your Support” that aired on Sunday, Steve Dunn interviewed both candidates about their plans for the future if they were to be elected to congress and why they are deserving of your vote.

The first election for the newly created Congressional District 6 in Oregon will take place in November of this year. Since the current Democrat in District 5, Kurt Schrader, did not win his party’s primary election in May, he will not be running again in November.

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