Judge Returns The Foster Child To Biological Parents Until Next Hearing

A court today ordered the reunification of a foster kid with her biological family during an urgent hearing.

On Wednesday, a permanency hearing was scheduled in the child custody dispute between the biological aunt and uncle and the foster family who have been raising the three-year-old girl since she was a baby.

That hearing was abruptly postponed due to scheduling concerns. The youngster was requested to live with her aunt and uncle by the court and the Oregon Department of Human Services. Peter Deuel, the kid’s attorney, requested an urgent hearing in an effort to persuade the judge to let the Burnsons keep the child.

Judge Returns The Foster Child To Biological Parents
Judge Returns The Foster Child To Biological Parents

The girl was finally placed with her family pending the rescheduled permanency hearing after the court declined the request.

Tige Nishimoto, the child’s uncle, remarked, “I am overcome with emotion.” “Our entire family is very happy to be able to finally bring her home. This has been a three-year fight for our niece.”

The Nishimoto’s are hoping that the Burnsons can help them recover. “We want the friendship between the Burnsons and our family to mend.”

The new date for the permanency hearing is in the middle of October.

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