A 20-Year-Old Monroe Resident Is Recovering From A Stroke In Oregon As His Family Raises Money To Bring Him Home

After experiencing a stroke in July, a young man from Monroe, who is now 20 years old, is recuperating at a hospital in Oregon.

Back in July, Christopher Stead’s life took an unexpected and significant turn. After suffering a stroke when he was living in Oregon, the family of the Fairchild Wheeler high school senior who will graduate in 2020 is currently attempting to gather money so that they may bring him back to Connecticut.

According to Stead’s mother, who spoke to News 12, her son was planning on attending college in Oregon.

On July 21, he said that he was suffering from a terrible headache and that he was unable to see. He was sent to the hospital, where he underwent a craniotomy, which is a medical operation that involves removing a portion of the patient’s skull bone in order to expose the brain.

A 20-Year-Old Monroe Resident Is Recovering From A Stroke
A 20-Year-Old Monroe Resident Is Recovering From A Stroke

The family of Stead is holding a fundraiser in order to purchase an air ambulance for him so that he may receive care at Yale-New Haven Hospital while remaining at home with his family.

According to his mother, he does not have any previous medical history, thus this stroke comes as a complete surprise, particularly due to the fact that he is so young.

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