Why Is The Air Advisory For Central And Northeastern Oregon Extended Until Friday?

Parts of central and northeastern Oregon now have until Friday to abide by an air quality alert.

For Baker, Deschutes, Union, and Wallowa counties as well as a portion of Klamath, Lake, and Lane counties, the state Department of Environmental Quality and Lane Regional Air Protection Agency have extended the alert.

According to Laura Gleim of the DEQ, smoke from the Cedar Creek and Double Creek fires in Oakridge and Imnaha has led to moderately to very bad air quality in these locations.

We have several monitors spread out over the state, according to Gleim. “In central Oregon, the majority of the monitors are recording at the orange or red threshold, which is harmful to vulnerable populations or harmful to everyone. In the northeastern region of the state, we are primarily in the yellow or moderate category, with some locations closer to the flames in the unhealthy level.

The DEQ’s Air Quality Index, the Oregon Smoke Information Blog, or downloading the free OregonAIR app on your smartphone, according to Gleim, are the three best ways to find out the air quality in your region.

According to Gleim, the weather may provide some places a respite.

Air Advisory For Central And Northeastern Oregon Extended
Air Advisory For Central And Northeastern Oregon Extended

According to Gleim, “it does appear like the eastern region of the state may be receiving some more rain, which could assist lessen the flames and lower the smoke.” What will occur in the central Oregon region is uncertain.

People in the affected areas are urged to stay inside and, where feasible, use a HEPA air filter.

Cloth and surgical masks, according to Gleim, don’t provide sufficient defense against dangerous smoke particles. NIOSH-approved N95 or P100 respirators may provide protection, but they must be correctly chosen and worn.

All around the state, local safe air shelters have opened. Calling 211 will provide further information.

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