Thieves Stole The Most Valuables Of The Newlyweds During Their Oregon Coast Honeymoon. What Was That?

When someone broke into their truck and took everything inside, what was intended to be a romantic vacation along the Oregon Coast for one married couple became a heartbreaking experience.

Carli and Joe Ghiorso made a commitment to live out the rest of their lives together last Saturday. As Joe Ghiorso recalled, “It was the most fantastic, genuinely, the most perfect day of our life.”

The newlyweds loaded their truck for a road trip to towns and beaches along the Oregon Coast for their honeymoon after the ceremony. On Monday, they made their first visit to Seal Rock State Park.

Joe Ghiorso remarked, “There, we had such a nice time. We were viewing the photos we shot when we thought, “Gosh, it was so much fun. But the enjoyment was fleeting. Items were taken from newlyweds while on their vacation on the Oregon Coast

They spent around two hours at the beach before returning to discover that someone had broken into their truck. Along with other items the couple said had significant personal importance to them but others may have thought were worthless, their wedding presents, vows, wallet, and suitcase were all taken.

Joe Ghiorso remarked, “One item we have that’s incredibly precious to us is a notebook that contains every day basically since the day we met.” “We’re trying to get back our teddy animals from childhood too.”

Despite claiming that no one really arrived at the location, they reported the incident to the Oregon State Police.

Thieves Stole The Most Valuables Of The Newlyweds
Thieves Stole The Most Valuables Of The Newlyweds

Joe said, “That just seemed like it happened there frequently and they simply manage it over the phone. The couple is currently collaborating with a private detective in the hopes of recovering some of their priceless memories.

Carli Ghiorso stated, “They don’t want our particular items and that’s all we want back. They don’t want those diaries, they don’t want our stuffed animals, they can keep the money.

There are no leads in the case for now, but Oregon State Police is asking anybody with the knowledge to come forward.

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