Oregon’s Workforce Has Grown Yet The Unemployment Rate Has Also Increased

According to fresh data issued on Wednesday by the Oregon Employment Department, the state of Oregon’s unemployment rate is still quite low.

The state’s unemployment rate remained constant in July at 3.5%, matching its level from the previous month. That is comparable to the country’s unemployment rate. Over the previous five months, the employment rates in Oregon and the United States have remained close to those levels, which are close to record lows.

In industries including leisure and hospitality, manufacturing, and private educational services, Oregon saw the most non-farm employment growth in July. The only industry that had significant employment losses last month was retail trade, which witnessed a 700 job reduction.

Oregon had 94% of the employment it had lost at the start of the epidemic back as of last month, but not all industries had seen growth equally. The Oregon employment department reports that while the government sector in Oregon has only recovered 49% of its pandemic-related losses, the private sector has recovered 99% of those losses.

Government officials claim that regional schools have suffered.

Oregon's Workforce Has Grown Yet The Unemployment Rate
Oregon’s Workforce Has Grown Yet The Unemployment Rate

According to State Employment Economist Gail Krumenauer, who spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, “about half of the jobs in local government are in education, so that is a significant piece of what’s going on in the local government sector and the gap between where employment was in February 2020 and where it is now.”

The number of positions in local education decreased by roughly 11,000 this July compared to July of the previous year, or about 10%, based on the most available statistics from OED.

It has been difficult for Oregon schools to fill a variety of roles, from teachers to support staff, and employment economists say their data does not clearly indicate which particular job categories have been most impacted.

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