Why Are Oregon’s Homeless Youths Not Going Unnoticed As The Demand For Help Rises? Why Did The Advocates Say So?

Growing up, Dominique Marshall relocated frequently. When she was 17 years old, she briefly named numerous different places “home.” She discovered early on that the public school employees and liaisons she grew up with lacked the necessary skills to identify homeless pupils.

Marshall, 23, claims that because he wasn’t identified at his previous school, he wasn’t eligible for numerous programs until he entered a shelter. “Even then, there wasn’t much of a discussion about what was happening between the liaison in Philadelphia.”

Every school district is required by the McKinney-Vento Act to appoint a liaison who will identify kids who are homeless and assist them in getting the resources they require. Even if they lack the usual paperwork, schools must enroll homeless children right away. Additionally, the pupils get transportation services and, if needed, school uniforms.

Marshall needed to stand up for herself. She spent over a month at a shelter as part of the Runaway and Homeless Youth program, which is a transitional residential program for short-term runaways.

Oregon's Homeless Youths Not Going Unnoticed
Oregon’s Homeless Youths Not Going Unnoticed

However, she soon found herself couch surfing at the homes of friends and family members once more. Jobs were harder to come by, and housing allowances were no longer available. The 23-year-old was ultimately forced to leave college.

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