Oregon Becomes The 12th State In High School Basketball To Adopt The Shot Clock

A motion to require the installation of a 35-second shot clock at the varsity levels of boys’ and girls’ high school basketball, beginning with the 2023โ€“24 season, was adopted by the Oregon Basketball Coaches Association on Monday.

The shot clock received support from 74.1 percent of the 297 coaches who replied, opposition came from 16.5 percent and no choice came from 9.4 percent.

The only states that employ a 30- or 35-second shot clock are Oregon, California, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington.

With rule 2-14, which states that each state association may adopt a shot clock starting in the 2022โ€“23 season โ€” according to guidelines outlined in the Basketball Rules Book โ€” the standardization among states, the NFHS pushed for the adoption of a shot lock across high school basketball in May of 2021.

Theresia Wynns of the NFHS stated in a statement: “We gave the committee a lot of material about the shot clock, including replies to a 46-question survey issued to states presently employing a shot clock.

The committee will continue to investigate the shot clock issue. “The dialogue among the committee members analyze the pros and drawbacks of establishing the proposal as a regulation for all states and similarly for state adoption.”

Since the NFHS proposal was made more than a year ago, Oregon has joined Minnesota and Utah as the third state to implement the shot clock.

Oregon Becomes The 12th State In High School Basketball
Oregon Becomes The 12th State In High School Basketball

While California established a shot clock for the boys in 1996 and Washington added one for the boys in 2009, both bordering states California and Washington imposed one for girl’s basketball in the 1970s.

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