Why Did Trump Launch Another Attack? Why Does It Request That A Judge Decline The Justice Department’s Request To Resume Review Of The Mar-A-Lago Papers?

Attorneys for Donald Trump want a federal judge to reject the U.S. the Department of Justice’s request to resume its criminal investigation into the official records retrieved from the former president’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago.

The attorneys for Trump filed a 21-page brief in response to a government motion for a partial stay while an appeal about the papers is proceeding, as was originally reported in The New York Times.

The complaint states that “the Government improperly wants to criminalize the 45th President’s ownership of his own Presidential and personal papers.

Trump’s legal team resisted attempts by the administration to disobey a previous order made by the United States. Judge Aileen Cannon of the District Court halted the study of the papers taken from Mar-a-Lago and approved the appointment of a special master.

Why It Matters: According to Trump’s attorneys, the inquiry has “spiraled out of hand” and is being treated as a “storage dispute.”

Judge Cannon, a Trump appointment, was urged by prosecutors to let them resume studying 100 secret papers that were among the thousands of things the US confiscated.

The Times reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation visited Trump’s Florida home on August 8.

Trump’s attorneys stated on Monday that just a “short halt,” as ordered by the court, was required until a third-party examination of the records was carried out to guarantee a “fair procedure with proper protections.”

Trump Launch Another Attack
Trump Launch Another Attack

Chris Kise, a former Florida solicitor general and adviser to then-Gov. Ron DeSantis filed the lawsuit. Trump apparently wanted to avoid going to jail in the Mar-a-Lago case, but his old attorney claims that Trump “has no discipline.”

Trump recently lauded Cannon as “smart and brave” and claimed that the FBI and DoJ leakers would invest “Millions of Dollars,” “Vast Amounts of Time & Energy” in an appeal of the order she issued.

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