Why Did The D-day Veteran From Wolverhampton Miss The Queen’s State Visit To China?

The Queen traveled to China in 1986, the first British monarch to do so since the Open Door Policy was put into place.

The Queen visited places including the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’An as part of her formal state visit.

Working in China, 97-year-old Bill Redston described meeting her as “a pleasure.”

Mr. Redston was employed for a company that worked with commercial agreements in China following World War Two at the time of her visit.

Trade between China and the West increased during Deng Xiaoping’s Open Door policy, which was implemented in 1978.

Having served in the Royal Navy during World War Two, Mr. Redston attended a banquet held in Shanghai on board the Royal Yacht Britannia by the Queen to foster the two nations’ recently formed ties.

According to Mr. Redston, the Queen wanted to arrange a meeting between British and Chinese businesses because she was making her first official visit to China.

He said that 40 individuals from each nation had been invited and said, “I had personally been down to Portsmouth and checked that the vessel itself was feasible as a site for 80 people to assemble.”

The event, he claimed, was a standing dinner party. The Queen organized the gathering so that everyone may get to know one another better.

Additionally, Mr. Redston spoke with Prince Philip face-to-face that day and shook his hand. I was the only member of the Royal Navy who received an invitation, he claimed.

The Queen's State Visit To China
The Queen’s State Visit To China

When Prince Philip saw my tie from the Naval Veterans, he graciously exclaimed, “Oh, you’re one of us.”

Mr. Redston spent several years in the Royal Navy, serving in Singapore, Myanmar, and Japan.

When the Queen passed away on Thursday, Mr. Redston revealed that he received a call from his son while at his Wolverhampton house, alerting him to the news.

He stated, “Meeting the Queen in person was a privilege.

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