What Does ‘Pushin’ P’ Mean? Why Is It Trending So Much On The Internet?

Due to the recent popularity of the new slogan “Pushin’ P,” the blue parking lot sign emoji has seen a huge increase in usage on social media.

Many people are unaware of what it means, how it was created, or even how to properly use it. Do you fall under this category? This is the story for you if so.

If you’re not familiar with pop culture jargon, don’t worryβ€”we’ve got a quick translation for you right here.

The term “Pushin’ P” was coined by Atlanta rapper Gunna, one of the hip-biggest hop names, who this month released his most recent album, “DS4EVER.”

In “Pushin’ P,” the “P” stands for “player,” as in “keeping it real.” It’s mostly used positively, as Gunna explained in an interview with “The Breakfast Club” β€” if you wake up to a beach view, that’s P. P would be if you spent thousands of dollars on a Rolex watch. But that’s not P if you do something bad or stupid.

Rappers Future and Young Thug collaborated with Gunna on the song “Pushin P” for the album “DS4EVER,” in which they discuss their careers as multibillion-dollar artists. You can enjoy it by clicking on the youtube video.

The most crucial part is this: Just because you understand what “Pushin’ P” means, it doesn’t give you the right to use it freely just because everyone else is. Being the out-of-touch person who uses language that “the kids” are using is the last thing you want to do.

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