Thieves Are Using Jewelry Worth Rs 10000 Using “Suspicious Techniques”.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, thieves using “suspicious techniques” are wanted in at least 3 incidents where victims lost more than $10,000 in cash and jewelry.

Three of the occurrences took place in Aloha and Cedar Mills during the course of the last four days, while a fourth one may have occurred in Hillsboro in late July.

In the Aloha incident, the perpetrators’ Jeep Cherokee had California license plates, and they drew up in front of a house and motioned for the victim, Thomas Xavier, to get in. They said that they would present him with a necklace as a “cultural custom.”

According to Xavier, wearing genuine 22–24k gold is widespread among Indian males. He said that some of his Indian acquaintances had told him that they had become targets because of their jewelry.

“When my mother passed away, I received the necklace as an inheritance because she wore it often. And shortly after she passed away, it was on me,” Thomas Xavier told Focus Hillsboro. “I had a constant sense of my mother’s presence. I have never removed it only because my mother made it.

In one instance, he said the couple placed the present necklace, along with other jewels and $5 cash, around his neck before diverting his attention and removing the genuine necklace without his knowledge.

The same couple approached an older woman in the Cedar Mill area in the second incident, telling her they wanted to give her a ring as a present. They allegedly took her engagement band off and said they would put their present ring on her finger before giving it back.

The burglars allegedly delivered the victim a bag and sock that contained her ring and further imitation jewels after that. The woman stated that her ring was not in the sock after the burglars had fled.

Three people are accused of arson in relation to the Mt. Tabor fires.

According to the third allegation, a duo approached a guy outside a business in the Cedar Mill neighborhood and reportedly stole money from his wallet, which the man was carrying around his neck. He claimed to have asked for his money back. Authorities said the burglars gave him a sock with paper inside of it before leaving.

Thieves Are Using Jewelry Worth Rs 10000 Using "Suspicious Techniques"
Thieves Are Using Jewelry Worth Rs 10000 Using “Suspicious Techniques”

Sunday afternoon, at 2:00 p.m., Washington County detectives released a picture associated with a fourth potential incident, this one on July 27.

Authorities claim that on that day, someone in a more recent black Mercedes 4-Matic SUV with Virginia license plates approached a person in the Hillsboro Winco parking lot. The caller said they wanted to give the person a call while speaking into their car window. However, no crime was committed because that guy did not approach the Mercedes.

Both of the suspectsβ€”a man and a womanβ€”have “strong foreign accents, likely Middle Eastern,” according to the officials. She has brown hair that is around mid-length and is about 5 feet 4. The man has short brown hair, a short beard, and is roughly 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503.846.2700 if you have any information.

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