Reader’s Response: The Oregon State’s Terrible Education Suggestions

Was anyone else horrified by the suggestion to decrease the educational requirements and standards for Oregon high school graduation? (“Oregon should mandate a financial literacy course and make high school certificates easier to obtain,” September 3).

Does the Oregon Board of Education believe that by not insisting that students demonstrate fundamental proficiency in reading, writing, and math in order to receive a diploma, it is doing anyone any favors?

“How is it going to help a young kid who is trying to build a stable life and enter the employment market? How do that benefit potential employers and the families of students with less valuable diplomas? How does not knowing these fundamental skills help people of color or those for whom English is a second language to succeed in adulthood? How can having lower achievement benefit our society in any way? How precisely does this carry out justice?

The chances for pupils to have a secure, fulfilling future in a challenging and competitive world will be diminished by the Oregon Board of Education in the name of “equity.” To improve students’ knowledge and abilities to the point where they can master the skills necessary for responsible adult life. It would be preferable to add summer school, tutoring, dealing with learning distractions, and/or training students’ and parents’ study skills.

Reader's Response: The Oregon State's Terrible Education Suggestions
Reader’s Response: The Oregon State’s Terrible Education Suggestions

The board’s suggestions appear to be based on misplaced goals by a government organization and a desire to simplify things for teachers and administrators. Children in Oregon’s future and general welfare are no longer considered to be important.

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