Wage Report: Professional Wages In Nw Oregon. Do You Know Your Professional Salary?

Although Northwest Oregon’s average wage is lower than the state average, a large portion of the discrepancy can be attributed to the region’s high concentration of lower-paying jobs. Fast food and counter workers and retail salespeople are the two most prevalent professions in the area.

Northwest Oregon’s salary levels when compared to statewide levels for the same occupations are closer than the average difference would imply, and some local occupations even pay more than is common for the state.

The aggregate earnings for more than 500 occupations in Benton, Clatsop, Columbia, Lincoln, and Tillamook counties are estimated by the Oregon Employment Department. Family medicine doctors were the highest-paying profession in the area with a reported wage, with an estimated average annual salary of $257,791 in 2022.

Although several specialized occupations such as physicists, judges, wholesale sales agents, lawyers, engineers, software developers, and electric power-line installers made more than $100,000 per year, the majority of the occupations with greater pay were in management or medical. The lowest pay was for hosts and hostesses at restaurants, who made $29,935 a year. Among the lowest paying jobs were dishwashing ($30,404 annually) and food preparation ($30,774). With an average yearly salary of $34,129, childcare providers were another occupation with lower wages, however, this was an improvement over the previous year.

A survey of nearby firms yielded an estimate of occupational earnings in Northwest Oregon. The exact quantity varies every year, but wages are available in the area for many different professions. The earnings for a few jobs in the area in 2022 are presented in this article.

Not all professions in the area have their salaries reported. This may be the case due to confidentiality concerns (only one or two firms employ an occupation), a small number of employees, the fact that most people in the occupation (such as farmers) are self-employed, the fact that some occupations pay more than $208,000 per year or the fact that the wages reported in the sample for Northwest Oregon are significantly different from those for other regions.

Additionally, it’s possible that highly specific job salaries are not included in the data. For instance, the wage survey does not differentiate between operating room nurses and cardiac care nurses when reporting the wages for registered nurses.

Wages for Selected Professions

In Northwest Oregon (and other rural areas), not only are occupation salaries normally lower, but the area also has a large number of jobs in low-wage occupations. Working at a counter and in fast food is the most popular occupation. Other widespread professions are those of retail salespeople, cashiers, waiters and waitresses, cooks, maids, and household cleaners.

Wage Report Professional Wages In Nw Oregon
Wage Report Professional Wages In Nw Oregon

The table provides the salaries for these and a few other more popular vocations. The pattern of wages is typically the same everywhere, including Northwest Oregon. Generally speaking, wages are lower for jobs needing little training and education and higher for jobs requiring more education and training. The majority of employment in Northwest Oregon just demands a few basic abilities, therefore hourly pay often falls between $15 and $24.

Pay is higher for professions requiring greater skill levels, such as truck drivers and certified nurses. All occupations’ median yearly pay was $19.91, or almost the same as the year before. However, the median pay may not fully capture the evolution of earnings.

In the competitive labor market of 2022, earnings for lower-paying jobs appeared to rise pretty quickly. In 2022, the lowest-paying job had an annual salary of around $30,000. There were ten jobs that earned less than this in 2021. The lowest paid occupation in Northwest Oregon witnessed a compensation increase of 7.4% in 2021, going from $27,867 to $27,867 annually.

Professional Wages

The Occupational Employment Survey (OES), a biannual survey that measures occupational employment and wage rates for payroll workers by industry, was used to gather the wage data used in this report. In Oregon, the study selects more than 6,000 businesses annually, and it takes three years to compile the entire sample of 19,000 businesses.

According to the OES survey, employment is defined as having uninsured workers. Straight-time gross pay, without premium pay and nonwage fringe benefits, is what is considered a wage. Included are base pay rates, tips, commissions, and specific kinds of production bonuses. Overtime wages, housing benefits, and nonproduction bonuses are all excluded.

The Oregon Wage Information booklet, which is updated each June and may be found online at www.QualityInfo.org, provides more specific information.

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