Oregon: Flexential’s Fourth Data Center Will Open In Hillsboro

Flexential, which is based in Dallas and offers data center colocation, cloud, and connectivity services, said on Wednesday that it plans to build a fourth data center on its campus in Hillsboro.

The project is next to Flexential’s Hillsboro 3 Facility and will add 54 MW of capacity to the company’s installation. This will give the company a total of 100 MW of capacity that is being used.

The data center will also have access to the network’s New Cross Pacific and Hawaiki undersea cables. This will let partners connect to dedicated servers in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, American Samoa, and New Zealand.

Flexential’s chief operating officer, Ryan Mallory, said in a press release, “As the oldest data center provider in Hillsboro, we are committed to giving our Pacific Northwest customers the most flexible connectivity and capacity options. This is backed by Flexential’s industry-leading ability to offer a complete cloud portfolio to meet customers’ unique needs.” “It was clear that we needed to take the next step and expand our presence in Hillsboro because demand keeps going up in a place that has a direct, fast connection to APAC. We hope that this campus will keep getting bigger and better.

In a press release from the company, Dain Nestel, director of growth and commercialization at Portland General Electric, said, “We have worked with Flexential since its first project in 1999 to provide cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable power to help its customers grow their digital infrastructure deployments in the Portland area.”

Oregon Flexential's Fourth Data Center Will Open In Hillsboro
Oregon Flexential’s Fourth Data Center Will Open In Hillsboro

Intel, which is Oregon’s biggest employer, said in May that it would build a $700 million, 200,000-square-foot research expansion for its data center. This news about the expansion comes after Intel made the announcement. The Intel site, which is also in Hillsboro, will focus on developing more sustainable technologies for data centers. This shows a willingness to deal with the data center’s climate problems, such as using a lot of water, making toxic waste, and putting out carbon dioxide.

According to the site datacenters.com, there are 15 providers and 23 data centers in Oregon right now. This includes 18 colocation facilities like the new one in Hillsboro, where businesses can rent space to use the center’s hardware.

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