Man Sentenced To Federal Prison In Oregon For Dealing Meth!

A California man convicted of trafficking methamphetamine in rental automobiles received a two-year prison term on Wednesday.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, officials discovered late in 2019 that San Diego resident Martin Jesus Velasco, 39, was smuggling pounds of methamphetamine from Northern California and selling it to narcotics dealers in Southern Oregon.

According to court records, Velasco was joined by an accomplice, the colleague’s girlfriend, and a child on at least two occasions.

During a traffic check in February 2020, police carried out a search warrant on Velasco’s car, which, according to officials, led to the discovery of five 1-pound bags of meth. Later, Velasco and his accomplice were both taken into custody.

Authorities allegedly found evidence of Velasco’s “substantial and ongoing” involvement in narcotics trafficking on his cell phone, including trades of methamphetamine from California for marijuana grown in Oregon.

On March 3, 2020, Velasco was accused of conspiring to possess methamphetamine with the purpose to distribute it as well as actual methamphetamine possession. A federal grand jury in Medford, Oregon, indicted Velasco for the second offense on Nov. 5, over eight months later.

Man Sentenced To Federal Prison In Oregon For Dealing Meth
Man Sentenced To Federal Prison In Oregon For Dealing Meth

Velasco entered a guilty plea in April 2022. His sentence includes three years of supervised release in addition to his 48 months in federal prison, according to the district attorney’s office.

Authorities from the federal, state and local levels took part in the inquiry.

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