How Is Oregon Hunger Affected By This Fall Election?

During Hunger Action Month, Oregon Food Bank invites individuals to register to vote.

Of course, there is direct food aid, which was given to more than 1.2 million individuals in 2021 alone by the Oregon Food Bank Network. Advocacy is another tool that encourages community action for structural change and the permanent eradication of hunger. There are three options: voting, giving, and volunteering.

That’s accurate. Voting patterns and candidate choices can have a significant impact on the effort to end hunger.

Susannah Morgan, CEO of the Oregon Food Bank, stated that her organisation “knows that we cannot achieve our purpose to eliminate hunger and its core causes through food alone.” “We need to address the structures and policies that lead to poverty and hunger in our communities.”

During Hunger Action Month in September, people from all around the world come together to campaign, give, and volunteer in the effort to eradicate hunger. Oregon Food Bank will utilise Hunger Action Month this year to emphasise the significant connection between hunger and voting.

Through Hunger Action Month and the run-up to the midterm elections, Morgan stated, “We will highlight Oregon Food Bank’s systemic approach to ending hunger and give information, resources, and opportunities for action that reaffirm the need of tackling food insecurity at its roots.”

It is more crucial than ever to raise awareness of hunger and voting under the subject “Hunger on the Ballot,” especially in light of the previous two years. A little more than one in five Oregonians have experienced food insecurity since the COVID-19 pandemic. In contrast to 2019, the Oregon Food Bank Network helped roughly 1.7 million people in the community in 2020. And even if those figures have decreased a little, food insecurity is expected to increase in 2022.

The Oregon Food Bank has already been striving to elevate the importance of hunger as a political issue. The foundation asked the Oregon gubernatorial candidates earlier this year what positions they took on problems relating to hunger. The questions and answers covered a wide range of topics, including systematic racism, affordable housing, and the governor’s obligation to guarantee food access.

Oregon Hunger Affected By This Fall Election
Oregon Hunger Affected By This Fall Election

Additionally, the Oregon Food Bank is holding online Ending Hunger Power Night events where participants can learn more about certain concerns and initiatives, such as those pertaining to healthcare, education, and inclusive, effective democracy.

People can participate in a variety of activities offered by Oregon Food Bank to support the cause all year long and during Hunger Action Month. These include spreading the news on social media, contributing, volunteering, and signing the Hunger on the Ballot commitment.

Most significantly, during Hunger Action Month, Oregon Food Bank is highlighting a significant occasion. National Voter Registration Day happens on September 20. Voter registration is assisted by this yearly initiative, which is spearheaded by volunteers and groups across the nation. The food bank strongly advises everyone who qualifies to register.

And later this fall, Oregon Food Bank will likely pay particular attention to election day in November.

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