A Southern Oregon Woman And Her Dog Have Been Attacked By A Bear!

On Sunday night in west Medford, an Oregon woman and her dog were assaulted by a bear in the woman’s backyard.

According to the Medford Police Department, a bear attack complaint sent authorities to the 900 block of North Ross Lane on Sunday at 8:41 p.m. When the police came, they discovered the woman had been mauled in her backyard by a bear that was thought to be between 150 and 200 pounds. Although she had injuries to her left arm and left leg, they weren’t life-threatening.

When the woman’s dog interfered and was assaulted as well, the police claimed that the woman and her dog were able to drive the bear away.

The bear ducked and fled in front of a car on North Ross Lane, where it was hit and likely injured before continuing, according to officials.

The Fish and Game Division of the Oregon State Police searched the region extensively but were unable to locate the bear. Additionally, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was informed of the incident.

More calls about bear sightings in that area continued to come in throughout the night, but the bear was never located.

A Southern Oregon Woman And Her Dog Have Been Attacked By A Bear
A Southern Oregon Woman And Her Dog Have Been Attacked By A Bear

The Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife advises those who come into contact with bears to:

  • Scream, clap your hands, shout loudly, and raise your voice.
  • Avoid rushing or making quick movements.
  • As you turn to face the bear, carefully back away. It is never secure to come near it.
  • Give each bear you come across a means of escaping.
  • Step off the trail if you’re on one and proceed slowly.
  • Bear cubs should never be approached, therefore get away from the location right away.
  • Attacks by black bears are uncommon. A bear will typically avoid making contact with humans.
  • In the unlikely event of an attack, fight back. Practice using bear spray and keep it close at hand for easy access. Be violent, yell, and fling objects like rocks, sticks, and tools.

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