Why Did The Judge Dismiss Oregon’s Portland Demonstrator Death Case In 2020?

The nation’s attention was drawn to the shooting of Aaron “Jay” Danielson and the subsequent death of his shooter.

The lawsuit filed against the city of Portland in connection with the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson following a pro-Trump event in downtown Portland in 2020 has been dismissed by a judge.

Danielson’s death was attributed in the lawsuit, which was filed last year, to both the city’s “dereliction of duty” and Multnomah County leadership’s “determination to decline to enforce public safety regulations during demonstrations in Portland’s downtown core.”

The city, Mayor Ted Wheeler, and Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt were named as defendants in the case brought by Danielson’s estate.

After a Trump rally in 2020, Danielson was out for a stroll with a buddy when Michael Reinoehl came from the garage brandishing a rifle. Danielson charged Reinoehl while Reinoehl fired two bullets that were captured on camera. Danielson expired there and then. Days later, Reinoehl was slain in Washington by police working with a U.S. Marshals task group.

The Judge Dismiss Oregon's Portland Demonstrator Death Case In 2020
The Judge Dismiss Oregon’s Portland Demonstrator Death Case In 2020

According to the argument that Schmidt is shielded by prosecutorial immunity, which forbids prosecutors from being sued for damages brought on by their official conduct, U.S. District Judge Michael Simon agreed to dismiss the case on Thursday, September 1.

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