Why Did The Workers At The Hillsboro New Seasons Store Reject Unionization?

On Thursday, employees at the Hillsboro Orenco Station New Seasons Market overwhelmingly decided against unionizing, putting an end to labor organizing efforts at the supermarket chain.

The United Food & Commercial Workers, the union organizing the labor efforts at the Hillsboro store, 1453 N.E. 61st Ave., received 37 votes of the 97 employees that cast ballots at the business, with 60 voting against the union and 37 voting in favor of joining.

Voting was open to 108 full-time and regular part-time staff members at the business, including assistant department managers, leaders, and specialists in culinary events. Managers, assistant store managers, store chefs, managerial staff, supervisors, and guards were all disqualified.

But the union said pro-union workers haven’t given up and plan to challenge the results of the election with the NLRB for what they say were β€œunfair labor practices the company committed in the elections process.” According to organizers, it would not be in the best interest of the union campaign to disclose the precise claims that they are contesting.

While we are disappointed with yesterday’s results, the election is still ongoing, according to a statement released on Friday by UFCW Local 555 union president Dan Clay. We will weigh our alternatives and take appropriate action.

The outcome of the union’s lawsuit might determine whether the NLRB calls for another election, according to Miles Eschaia, communications coordinator for UFCW Local 555. Otherwise, he claimed, store organizers would have to wait until after a year to hold an NLRB election.

Workers at the New Seasons store in Hillsboro declared their intention to join the UFCW Local 555, which stands up for grocery workers at Fred Meyer and Safeway, in May.

The New Seasons Labor Union was officially established the same day by employees of the Seven Corners New Seasons store on Southeast Division Street. Since then, workers at two more New Seasons locationsβ€”in Sellwood and Slabtownβ€”have joined the campaign for a free union.

The grocery chain’s employees stated they want better pay, improved retirement and health care options, and stricter workplace regulations and safety requirements.

The Workers At The Hillsboro New Seasons Store Reject Unionization
The Workers At The Hillsboro New Seasons Store Reject Unionization

According to a statement made by New Seasons in response to the election results, “we respect each staff member’s choice to choose or not to select union representation and their option to voice their view through this election.”

The grocery chain stated that the union has seven days to file “election objections” with the NLRB to contest the outcome of this election. The company also stated that regular shop operations would continue throughout any appeals process.

Transparency and open channels of contact with all employees are priorities for New Seasons Market, the firm added.

It’s not the first time that New Seasons employees have tried to form a union but failed. UFCW Local 555 and New Seasons employees at the chain’s North Portland location had attempted to organize in 2017, but the union campaign ultimately failed.

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