How Did Mother And Son Complete A Long Distance Cycling Tour In Oregon? What Is The Story Behind It?

Washington mother and son combo cycled from Astoria to the California border last week.

The trip was rocky. Liz Colver and her 10-year-old son Shephard Colver rode up steep highways in the fog, across twisting mountain roads, and over coastal bridges. They rode 370 miles in 18 days despite Shep’s Type 1 diabetes. Liz’s first long-distance bike ride.

Shep and his dad rode 3,300 miles to New York City in 2021. Shep planned this 18-week journey to see the Statue of Liberty in New York City. After the father-son journey, Shep elected to ride with his mother.

“It was weird when he stated he wanted to do a bike ride with me. Liz was shocked. “I didn’t know he’d considered it. But because he asked, I said yes.”

Liz has never biked. She was happy to follow her son’s lead, who has learned a lot from long-distance cycling.

Last time, he was coached; this time, he coached. I followed his lead and listened to what he said about biking, which was cool,” Liz remarked.

Shep’s legs felt like jelly on the final stretch of the trek through Brookings to the California border, so he ate a snack to boost his blood sugar. He was still cheerful.

Shep’s blood sugar is low, but he’s proud to have done this with his mom and dad. Shep loved spending time with his mom on the bike trip.

“We’ve talked a lot and seen a lot. There are many beautiful views, and we saw whales,” he remarked. Physical parts were harder, he also remarked.

Constant uphill climbs and ups and downs were unpleasant, he remarked. This trip wasn’t too horrible.

The mother and boy were happy to have no flat tires or bike problems. They are packed for a variety of weather conditions.

We were prepared for unusual weather being from the Pacific Northwest, but we didn’t get a drop of rain in 18 days. Liz remarked, “That’s crazy.”

Mother and son documented their adventure on Facebook as Trek 2022. 1,400 people follow the page.

Liz and her family took a road excursion before their bike journey. This helped them estimate how many miles they could cover daily. They got an Adventure Cycling Guide to arrange their trip.

β€œThey provide wonderful advice for the routes, including food and grocery shop stops, camping locations, and more,” Liz added.

They also planned to control Shep’s Type 1 diabetes. After his initial effort to bike across the U.S. with his father in 2019, he was diagnosed.

“We started training and arrived in Glasgow, Montana, but I got sick. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in the hospital. Shep: β€œMy pancreas doesn’t work, so I take insulin shots. “So we had to go back, but in 2021, when Covid rates were going down, we finished the trip.”

Shep has learned how to psychologically and physically prepare for longer rides as a diabetic, with diet and rest days playing a key part.

“When I ride my bike, my blood sugar is typically good, but when it gets low like right now, I eat something like power crunch bars, apples, bananas, and oranges.” He’s also learned to rest when his blood sugar is low.

“We wait for it to rise if it’s low. Overeating can harm my physique. We’re not rushing, he remarked.

Mother And Son Complete A Long Distance Cycling Tour In Oregon
Mother And Son Complete A Long Distance Cycling Tour In Oregon

Mom Liz stated they keep insulin in cold cells on the road.

β€œThere are ice packs that last around 48 hours, so we make sure we have a refrigerator every other day,” she said. “We like to camp as much as possible, but we can’t on this trip since the insulin must stay cool. If it becomes heated or freezes, it expires immediately, so keeps it in the appropriate temperature range.

Shepard and Liz will always remember their bike journey. Liz wondered about life in Washington on the final portion of the trip.

“It’s crazy to think about going back now. Is this normal? Liz commented, “It’s a completely other experience.”

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