Q5id Guardian Becomes Sponsor of the Dementia Society of America

The Dementia Society of America (DSA) is pleased to announce that Q5id Guardian, developed by Q5id, Inc., is now a sponsor. As a sponsor, Q5id Guardian will aid in promoting DSA’s initiatives, and together, both organizations’ dedication to helping communities, people living with dementia, and those who provide care for them will be strengthened.

The idea that a person with dementia would evade detection and leave the security of their home is a big issue when providing care for them (elope). More than half of people with dementia, whether it be from Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, or another cause, may leave the safety of their home at least once.

When they do, they run the risk of getting lost, entering a stage known as “critical wandering,” and are unlikely to be able to find their way back.

Guardian tries to actively prepare for and safeguard the community, much as DSA. We give people dependable tools and knowledge-based resources so they can prepare an action plan in the event of a missing person. Families or carers of a person with dementia may find peace of mind using Q5id Guardian.

For those people to use in the event that someone in their care wanders off and gets lost or confused, Guardian will be a useful tool. For individuals looking to safeguard a loved one with dementia, the Q5id Guardian app and network will act as their first line of defense.

The Dementia Society of America offers vital knowledge, nearby resources, and life enrichment to people with dementia and their families. The DSA wants to dispel myths about dementia and educate the public in order to increase awareness.

They work to arm the general public with the most beneficial tools to lessen the negative effects of dementia, such as the Q5id Guardian app, in addition to educating people about dementia. Any person who might be impacted by dementia is supported in any way by DSA. In the US, there is a lot of anxiety about dementia.

According to a recent study, 7.2 million adults aged 65 and older would have dementia by the year 2040. According to Q5id CEO Steve Larson, 6 out of 10 people with dementia will leave the security of their homes in the US alone and become lost on the way back. “Q5id is aware of how dementia affects an increasing segment of the population.

That is one of the reasons we developed our Guardian product! It will genuinely alter how people with dementia are located when they get lost. We are happy to work with the DSA to help spread knowledge about dementia’s impacts and how the Guardian app may be a life-saving resource for caregivers.

DSA Chairman and CEO Kevin Jameson say, “Create the best potential tomorrow by doing the most significant acts today.” Our volunteer-run organization appreciates the partnership with Q5id Guardian and its volunteer communities to aid in the search for lost loved ones around the country.

To support families, persons with dementia, and carers, Q5id Guardian is eager to start educating and empowering communities.

Q5id Guardian Becomes Sponsor of the Dementia Society of America
Q5id Guardian Becomes Sponsor of the Dementia Society of America

What is Q5id Guardian?

The new program Q5id Guardian is redefining how missing individuals are found and safely brought back to their homes. Guardian makes use of unique technologies, quick localized notifications, and the strength of the community. When a loved one is believed to be missing, Guardian+ members can tap a button to send out an alert.

All nearby Guardians are immediately notified through push notification about the alert to take action and join the hunt. All member identities are confirmed using the patented Q5id Proven Identity system, guaranteeing all Guardians’ security and transparency. Count on Q5id Guardian to assist in safely returning missing family members.

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