How Did A Man In Oregon Make $177000 From Renting Out His Backyard Pool?

Jim Battan, a resident of Oregon who spent $110,000 constructing a stunning backyard pool at his residence in 2012, began renting out his pool in September 2020 using the Swimply app, and since then has welcomed almost 9,000 guests while earning a whooping $177,000 total. Homeowners can now generate cash from their swimming pools thanks to Swimply, an app that is quite similar to Airbnb but for swimming pools.

According to Jim, who spoke to CNBC, “he has spent about $37,000 on maintenance for the 26-by-18-foot pool and its pool house over the previous decade.” Jim believes that he and his wife work on their side business for 12 to 14 hours each week, doing everything from cleaning and testing the water’s chemicals to handling all the reservations.

A Man In Oregon Make $177000 From Renting Out His Backyard Pool
A Man In Oregon Makes $177000 From Renting Out His Backyard Pool

For five people, they charge $70 per hour; the price increases with the number of guests and the length of the stay. Jim also rents out the pool in the winter, heating it at 90 degrees and providing warm blankets for visitors.

Jim predicts that a large portion of the swimmers is repeat clients. Swimply deducts 15% from each booking, however since they bring you, consumers, it’s worthwhile.

It’s always intriguing to observe the many side businesses that people have. There are more chances for people to convert their possessions into sources of income. Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Vrbo, and now Swimply are just a few of the apps that will likely present us with many more opportunities to make money in the future.

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