Fantastic Neighbors: Maintaining Hillsboro’s Centre Of Culture!

Over the past 20 years, Jaime Miranda’s M&M Marketplace in Hillsboro has played a significant role in the city’s increasing diversity.

M&M was designed as a place for emerging companies and regional artists to sell their goods and expand their businesses when it first launched in 2000. It still has hundreds of local shops selling food, clothing, hair salons, and many other goods and services.

However, this is not the only way that M&M operates as a multipurpose company. It serves as a venue for cultural exhibitions as well as an incubator for emerging businesses.

Miranda claims that although he was not familiar with the phrase when he established his company, M&M has essentially served as a local business incubator for years.

The idea behind it, according to Miranda, “was to assist people to learn about the requirements of registering a business, acquiring all the documents, the insurance, and what it means to start a business, but also in a way where they don’t have to use all of their savings.”

Since then, it has developed into an essential venue for training new business owners on how to launch their enterprises. M&M accomplishes this through collaborations with neighborhood companies and charitable organizations, which help promote economic growth in Hillsboro and the surrounding areas.

For many people, Miranda’s Market served as a bridge to groups like Mercy Corps, Adelante Mujeres, and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce in Hillsboro.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, M&M also made the switch to offering diagnostics and vaccines as well as other information on other public health resources.

Due to these commercial alliances, M&M Marketplace has developed into a hub for cultural exhibitions and interactions, which culminated this year in the first El Sol Festival. Every Saturday, it is held at M&M and includes fresh cultural highlights.

Although the market, which is situated on the western edge of Hillsboro’s “Latino business district,” has predominantly hosted Latino events and establishments, Miranda said he has always dreamed of creating a place where people from many cultures could interact and exchange their passions.

We have been working to establish that kind of environment because, according to him, “a community is more healthy when we embrace variety and we’re all part of the community.”

M&M’s reputation as a location that exhibits the arts and celebrations that people bring from other cultures is further cemented by the annual El Sol Festival, which is so named in reference to the notion that “the sun shines for everyone,” as Miranda put it.

Fantastic Neighbors Maintaining Hillsboro's Centre Of Culture
Fantastic Neighbors Maintaining Hillsboro’s Centre Of Culture

In the past, performances have included Indian dancers, bagpipe music from Scotland and Ireland, and Andean music from Peru. Chinese dragon and lion dancers will be featured in upcoming displays, according to Miranda.

Additionally, he has long arranged back-to-school gatherings when they provide backpacks filled with school materials. According to Miranda, they distributed close to 400 last year.

He also mentioned the Father’s Day auto show, which is held every year and is rather well-liked.

At 346 S.W. Walnut St. in Hillsboro, M&M Marketplace is open from Friday afternoon until Sunday night.

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