A Local Hillsboro Group Made A Movie! Is It A Nice Step?

Small yet talented, Hillsboro. Young performers, writers, and directors are back with a new short film created by Hillsboro’s Austin Calam. “The Butcher’s Block” is about a vegetarian, 3rd-generation butcher who must establish his innocence after the sausage pageant queen becomes sick after eating his sausage.

Walter Metzger has worked in his family’s butcher shop since he was young, says Calam.

“Like his father and grandpapa before him, he dreamed of being the next Wurstburg butcher. When his desire comes true, he’s butchered. Calam alleged Wurstburg’s sausage pageant queen was poisoned.

According to the film’s summary, the pageant’s theatrical performance peaked when the queen’s lunch took the stage. Unmistakable. Walter was suspected of killing the town’s pageant with his famed sausage links.

The town detective gathers the typical suspects in a smoky bowling alley. The history of Metzger sausage isn’t as straightforward as one may think. Any suspect in this small-town controversy could be the killer. Each has reason to frame the Butcher of Wurstburg and destroy his family’s sausage legacy. Walter’s secrets tie him to the family butcher block.

One of the suspects may soon stumble on the pageant stage’s evidence. Can Walter preserve his secrets until the killer is found? This neo-noir whodunit builds tension before the cleaver falls.
Molly Wiebe Faber established “Buck’s” last summer.

Our production firm, Kairos Studios, had expected to conclude the first season this summer. Due to problems, we postponed “Buck’s.” Our team wanted to make a short film even though the web series wasn’t being filmed this summer. Calam created “The Butcher’s Block”

Within a week of deciding to make a new film, locations, cast, crew, and dates were set. We started developing a new story about a German butcher and his famous sausage six weeks before filming.

“Small-town inspiration goes far. By the time our 1st Assistant Director exclaimed “Roll camera!” on Aug. 6, God had provided a cast and crew of 20 local artists and a completed screenplay said Calam, who blends his faith into his business.

A Local Hillsboro Group Made A Movie
A Local Hillsboro Group Made A Movie

In three days, seven characters and nine extras filmed 35 scenes in three locations. The backup film became a 20-minute short.

As post-production begins, we’re assembling a colorist, editor, sound designer/mixer, composer, and distribution producer. We intend to finish the film by 2022 and submit it to festivals around the US,” added Calam. Calam has pursued local filming chances since childhood.

“Growing up in rural Kansas, I only worked on a few film sets. Since “Buck’s,” we’ve given local young artists the chances we wanted as kids. This year, we asked three high school and college students to work on the film’s set. This project created hands-on experiences for rural Kansas artists, he said.

Producing films has always been a love of his, but as he continues to do so, his desire to connect with fellow artists and community members has emerged.

β€œFrom on-set filmmakers to lunch providers, filming is only possible with community support. Many people have sacrificed their time, finances, and energy to support our filming in rural Kansas said Calam.

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