A Shooter Kills 2 People On Oregon Safeway, Police Are Investigating The Incident Still!

Authorities reported that at about 7 o’clock, police arrived at the Forum Shopping Center. When they rushed in after hearing gunshots, they found the shooter already dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. After firing in the parking area, he entered the building brandishing an AR-15-style weapon and a shotgun, according to authorities.
In yet another American massacre, a young man wielding such a gun killed people in settings that were typically seen as secure, including an Illinois Fourth of July parade, a Texas elementary school, and a New York supermarket.
Police were able to identify the shooter as Ethan Blair Miller, a resident of Bend. Here is what is known about the shooting as detectives try to determine his motivation.
According to Bend Police Department spokesman Sheila Miller, the shooter entered through an apartment building behind the shopping mall.
He crossed the parking lot and started firing an AR-15-style gun. He shot 84-year-old customer Glenn Edward Bennett as soon as he entered the store; Bennett passed away on the way to the hospital.
According to Miller, the shooter continued to move around the shop while firing. She claimed that 66-year-old Donald Ray Surrett, a Safeway employee, shot the gunman after confronting him in the produce section.
Within three minutes of receiving 911 calls reporting a shooting, Bend Police Department officers arrived, according to Miller.
Miller reported that when they charged into the Safeway, shots were being fired. Police discovered the shooter dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound almost immediately, she claimed.
The rifle and shotgun were discovered close to the shooter’s body, according to police chief Mike Krantz. In addition, according to officials, investigators discovered more ammo in his apartment as well as three Molotov cocktails, a sawed-off shotgun, and three Molotov cocktails in his car. To ascertain if he had the weapons in his possession legally, police are consulting with the ATF.
Two persons were thought to have non-life-threatening injuries, according to reports, Miller added. Police don’t know how many individuals were inside the shop at the time of the assault.
Following learning of online postings, Bend Police called the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad, according to Miller. The grocery shop and neighboring apartment building were both cleared by the bomb squad.
An employee was fatally shot while attempting to disarm the shooter.
Surrett attacked and attempted to disarm the shooter as he made his way into the business, but was shot and died, according to Miller. According to officials, Surrett’s swift response undoubtedly saved lives.
While we are still gathering information about last night’s shooting, Gov. Kate Brown stated in a statement that far more people might have perished if it weren’t for the bravery of Donald Ray Surrett, Jr., who stepped in to help stop the shooter, and the officers who entered while shots were still being fired.
“They acted bravely and selflessly in the face of needless bloodshed. Their bravery prevented deaths, “Black stated.
A Shooter Kills 2 People On Oregon Safeway, Police Are Investigating The Incident Still
A Shooter Kills 2 People On Oregon Safeway, Police Are Investigating The Incident Still
According to one worker who only gave his name as Robert to the Central Oregon Daily News, other staff members were working a closing shift in the deli when they heard heavy gunfire.
He claimed that he and three additional workers “went into a walk-in refrigerator, closed the door, and stayed there and stayed hidden until authorities arrived.”
“We started moving forward. Then, we heard between six and Seven Rounds Fired from the front. I went to my kids and said, “Run!” right away. People were screaming; the scene was awful “explained Caba. Because she wasn’t feeling well, Caba was concerned about his wife, who had stayed in the car.
She had driven to the back of the store and was waiting there when he and three of his children ran through the exit doors by the produce department “saying “Get in the car!” while seated in the vehicle. Then, according to him, Caba hurried back into the shop and discovered their fourth child.
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