How Abortion Could Be A Big Issue In Oregon This Fall?

How Abortion Could Be A Big Issue In Oregon This Fall? According to a recent voter study, the controversy around reproductive rights could have an impact on Oregon’s general election in November.

Oregon already has some of the nation’s strictest rules governing the preservation of abortion rights, and it mandates that the cost of the surgery be covered by both state Medicaid and private health insurance.

Given redistricting, it seems anticipated that Democrats will maintain strong control of the state legislature, which implies that access to abortion in the state is not currently in danger. Abortion rights activists do note that as more people from other states travel to the Pacific Northwest for care, local wait times for the procedure may lengthen.

Consider Kansas, a state with a conservative bent where voters turned out in large numbers during a recent primary to defeat a proposed ban on the surgery. The danger to reproductive rights is, nonetheless, a powerful political issue.

How Abortion Could Be A Big Issue In Oregon This Fall

And in a year where the election for governor of Oregon is anticipated to be extremely close due to the presence of three legitimate contenders, it could emerge as a pivotal topic and influencer of turnout for important voters.

The Oregon Values and Beliefs Center polled 1,572 Oregon residents in mid-July and found that 72% of them believed that abortion should be permitted in some or all circumstances. This is a higher percentage of support than the 61 percent of people overall who support reproductive rights.

How Abortion Could Be A Big Issue In Oregon This Fall

And while the majority of respondents (46%) said the Supreme Court’s judgments wouldn’t influence their voting preferences in November, about as many Oregonians (44%) said it would. The poll’s findings also revealed that those who stated they would give it some thought were ten times more likely to cast a ballot in the general election.

According to the poll, Democrats and women were the most eager to cast ballots in the upcoming election, with 54 percent of Democrats and 43 percent of women planning to do so, as opposed to 38 percent of Independents, 30 percent of Republicans, and 37 percent of males.

In interviews and on social media, two of the three candidates for governorβ€”Democrat Tina Kotek and Democrat-turned-non-affiliated candidate Betsy Johnsonβ€”have bragged about their support for abortion rights. Republican Christine Drazan has not given much thought to the matter but nevertheless tweeted “Life wins” in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

That approach might be problematic for Drazan, especially in the populous Portland suburbs. According to the survey, 65% of voters in Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah Counties said they were likely to support candidates who supported reproductive rights, while 58 percent of Oregonians said they were more likely to do the same statewide. The survey’s error margin was 2.47 percent.

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